The Escort

Richard was a man that knew exactly what he wanted out of life, and that certainly did not include attachments of any kind. He had absolutely zero need for a girlfriend, let alone a wife and kids. Which is why Richard preferred the company of escorts, and the no strings attached company and sex that they provided. In fact, he had an escort service on speed dial in each and every city that he conducted business in. Richard’s other philosophy was that variety is the spice of life, which is why he never hired the same girl twice. His rule was simple. It did not matter how beautiful or good in bed the escort was. Richard would only meet her that one time no matter how tempting it was to set up a second date. This way it was impossible to form any attachments, which had served him extremely well over the years.

Richard was delighted to learn that his next business trip was to Hong Kong, which had always been one of his favorite cities in the world. The food was amazing, and the women even better. He packed for the trip with only two thoughts in mind, closing the business deal, and having incredible sex with a gorgeous oriental escort. After the long flight from Boston, Richard went directly to his hotel room. The first thing he did was call up the adult escort service to set up a rendezvous for later that evening. He had a few hours to take a quick nap and shower before meeting up with his date. Typically, the date would meet Richard at his hotel room. They would then go out for dinner and drinks before returning to his room for a night of sexual debauchery. Tonight would be no different than any other date night, or so he thought.

Richard was always excited when he heard the knock on his door, but this time when he opened it and saw the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on it left him nearly speechless. Kimberly was truly one of those people that everyone in a room would stare at. Every man wanted to be with her, and every female wanted to be her. Richard immediately noticed that she was blushing a bit. He sensed that she was as attracted to him as he was to her. They stood glancing at each other for a few seconds, and Richard felt something that he never experienced before. He did not want to just have sex with this woman. Richard wanted to make love. And so they did. Right then and there. The dinner reservations could certainly wait. The two lovingly explored each other’s bodies from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes. Slowly, breathing in each other. When he finally entered her it was the most pleasure that Richard had ever felt. He never wanted it end. In fact, he even considered a second date.

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