Friday, August 22, 2014

I Choose Happiness

My dearest deep thinkers! It has been quite a while since I've been in the blogosphere. And with good reason! I've been in a huge transition and I've got great news to share with you! But alas, the news must wait.

Last night I had dinner with a beautiful group of bloggers-turned-published-authors that I feel like I've "known" since forever. But really, we know each other through our writing and there is a sense of camaraderie in that. Watching every one rise together over the years has been such a blessing and the changes in my life at this juncture just made me appreciate it all the more.

If you've been a deep thinker for a while now, you might guess at what has transpired and where I'm headed. When I read my prior posts about this, I'm a floored at how far I have come... I am in total awe of the miracle that occurs when you listen to your heart and choose happiness

Just know that whatever you do in this life, do it with purpose, do it with your whole heart and never give up. Each step you take is a step closer to achieving your dreams, and  the journey is one you will look back on with a sense of wonder and awe. You have more courage, passion and tenacity than you know.

Keep hustling... there are an enormous amount of possibilities ahead, just waiting for you!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Lush Lunes: Awake!

I woke up this morning with the sun streaming through my window and I felt at peace.

I   s t r e t c h e d.

 I smiled. I thanked God for a new day. I felt really AWAKE.

This is odd because I only slept six hours. Usually, I’m an 8-hour sleeper. But today I remembered a Schwarzenegger speech about how you only need 6 hours of sleep. With this in mind, I just smiled because I actually felt good about it – not the two hours of extra sleep that I could have, but for the full six hours of deep sleep that I was blessed with.

Too much rainbow-talk for a Monday? I hope not!

Even though I intended to start my day with Pilates, I was sore from my last workout, so I didn't push it. I woke up, just to be. Just to stop rushing out of the house. Just to be mindful of the morning.

How can I express how amazing this feels? I guess it just feels like flowers and puppies and unicorns, but like for real.

So this Lush Lunes, as sporadic as they've been, let's be mindful of our day. Let's just take it all in: the weather, how your body feels, and then remember to breathe deep, long breaths and above all else, smile!  Smile because feeling really awake, alert and just present, is truly something to gush over on any Monday morning.

[I’ll do my best to remember all of this by 2:00pm today when the caffeine comes-a-calling!]

Have a great one my deep thinkers!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sharing My Story

Blogging is so very personal.  I share my life experiences as I grow as a person – definitely nonfiction – so there is an expectation that it will be personal. 

But even fiction is personal! There is truth in it that propels the story forward. And when that kind of truth is exposed, a sort of protective mode kicks in and threatens to take over. If you’re not careful, the story may never be told.  This is when you have to remember why you began sharing in the first place. This is the turmoil that I experienced when I was taking my first steps. 

Of course I didn’t do it alone. I had an amazing crew on board, and the unwavering support of my family beside me (family and crew at times became one and the same, mind you). 

It took me two years to find the courage to share this story. And it’s just a little story – a short film. A drop of my truth in a pond that rippled into a sad tale about love, tradition and letting go.