Giveaway: Enter to Win a Rascodog ReadyLeash!

Some of you know, and some of you don’t… My mom and sister frequently have me pet-sit their dog – a toy poodle. His name is Jax.
My partner Che also has a dog and I usually go with him to walk the cane corso, her name is Baby.When Che and I walk these dogs, we’re usually running outside with the leash in one hand, and a fist full of doggie bags in the other, ready to clean up after our pets. 
So when Rascodog asked me to review their product, the ReadyLeash, I was all for it. Anything to make walking the dog a little easier is fine by me.

Rascodog has 2 different webbing widths (1-in and 5/8-in) for the ReadyLeash. I requested a 1″ grey leash, knowing I’d want to use the leash with both dogs. And so I did. See the little bags contained in the handle? Very handy.

 So walk the dogs I did…
Jax for once got to feel manly sans the designer leash he usually sports, courtesy of Buttercup. The 1″ size was over doing it for Jax – he would’ve been fine w/ the 5/8″. However this little munchkin got to run around a bit because of its length (but the length is adjustable). And the bag size was a perfect fit for Jax’s needs.
The 1″ size was a practical size for Baby. Che felt ok nixing the chain leash for this one. The bags were big enough for Baby was well. However, he needed more than one baggie for her needs, as usual. 

So what do I think? I really like having the bags contained within the leash  handle as opposed to having bags pouring out of my back pocket. And I think the leash is pretty sturdy. Once I got the hang of using the bags, they were easy to pull out – kind of like pulling those plastic bags in the vegetable aisle in the grocery store.
I also really LOVE offering a giveaway of this leash to YOU my Deep Thinkers! 
Do you want one? 
Here’s how you can ENTER TO WIN one Rascodog ReadyLeash:

  1. Leave a comment on my blog telling me about how you and your pet would benefit from the ReadyLeash [Make sure your email* address is in the comment. Anonymous comments will NOT count]. That’s it!

Want to increase your chances? Here’s how to get EXTRA ENTRIES (you can do one or all of the following):

  1. “friend” ReadyLeash on Facebook & leave a comment telling me you did so!
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  6. Tweet the following message: I entered to win 1 ReadyLeash from @LaLicenciada on HerDeepThoughts! Then comment posting the url of the tweet. 

Every comment counts as an entry. That’s a total of 7 entries per day!
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enter away!  


Anonymous comments will be disqualified.   
Giveaway is only open to U.S. Residents.Giveaway Ends Saturday July 31, 2010 at Midnight EST. The winner will be chosen using on August 1, 2010.
If the winner fails to respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen.


5 thoughts on “Giveaway: Enter to Win a Rascodog ReadyLeash!”

  1. This is genius and a time saver!! As a big dog owner, I’m happy to hear there is a leash out there that I can use without the hassle of looking for bags since they’re already included!! This is a must enter giveaway!!

  2. Puffy, my pup, would benefit from this leash beacuase it will make it easier for me to take him on even more walks! I know he will love this leash because it comes in his favorite color – blue!

  3. I have two little fluffy babies – a Corgi and a Papillon! I love the fact that the poop bags are nice and tucked in the leash! How awesome!

  4. I would love to win one – we have 2 dogs who poop, poop and poop again when we walk them. My question is how big are the bags? My dogs are pretty BIG and so is …


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