About LaLicenciada & HerDeepThoughts

LaLicenciada (sm), as defined by me, is the license to live the life you want.  Literally, it means “the licensed one.” Traditionally, in Spanish it means “lawyer.”  But my definition transcends the traditional meaning. It is the license to be happy. The license to be free. The license and (yes) the permission to be YOU 100% of the time.

You can call me Li.  Click HERE to Read more on Lalicenciada 
HerDeepThoughts is a petite lifestyle blog by a Puertorriqueña who embraces her roots and seeks to inspire others on her journey. Through my endless adventures, the overall purpose of my blog isto inspire you to find your bliss and live your best life! So with that said, if you choose to delve into my “deep” thoughts, I hope you enjoy it.