Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Trouble In Paradise

 Rompe Olas beach, Puerto Rico, from my window.


  1. Great photo. Been to PR once and I want to go back. This time with my babies ;) Come link up your pic!!

  2. Sometimes its pretty cool to watch a storm from the safety of our homes. Cool pic!

  3. Oh! I like this. Nicely done. It really got my attention. I just really like how you set it up, titled it, and everything. It's perfect. Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm glad I got to see it :-)

  4. It looks like quite a storm. I can feel it through the water droplets on the window. I do quite like the gray skies, though.

    Thanks as always for stopping by and your support!

  5. great shot - how ya'll are staying safe!

  6. This is a really great capture. I am glad you could stay inside and get the picture. Come on by and link up your WW post.

  7. Uff, me encantó esta foto Li! Where in PR is Rompe Olas beach?

  8. Trouble indeed! Clever post!! I hope it clears up soon. ;)

  9. Great shot! I love a good storm, as long as it stays safe!

    Frugally Green Mom

  10. Oh, I hope this wasn't on a vacation! But I love rainy days. I think they are inspiring...they inspire me to stay in bed all day!

  11. I would love to visit PR. Great pic even if it is raining.

  12. Same question as Roxana, where is Rompe Olas Beach? Is it near Crash Boat Beach?

  13. @NewYorkChica thanks! I love Puerto Rico. I go as often as possible!

    @Patty yea the rain can be so beautiful

    @Kwee thanks so much! I appreciate it and am glad you stopped by!

    @Carol (Theres Always Thyme to cook)right?! thanks for stopping by & commenting!

    @Carol (simple_catholic) thanks! great to have you here!

    @catsynth it was quite a downpour. and Ditto!!!!

    @deb I sure was! but not dry... LOL

    @savvy me too!

    @Roxana hola amiga! It's in Aguadilla, my town. ;) we've got several beaches there.

    @Catalina gracias! It's been a while! Glad to see you around.

    @April thanks, it did!

    @theb3blog it was on vacation, but it was just part of one day.

    @sunshine you should! goooo!!!

    @Tracy, It's about 10 minutes away from Crashboat. In my town there's Parque Colon beach and Rompe Olas, then you start driving and you get to Jobos beach, and Crashboat, each about 10 minutes away.

    Thank you ALL for stopping by and commenting! It was great getting your feedback, especially because I just love this photo so much.



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