Friday, June 17, 2011

El Día E: Don't Show Your "Alma"

On Saturday June 18, 2011, we will celebrate our beautiful Spanish language!  Why? Because it is El Día E !

My vlog below explains this picture. I promise.
El Día E nació como un proyecto del Instituto Cervantes ... celebrando así la grandeza de nuestra lengua y nuestras culturas. 

The day of E started as a project of the Cervantes Institute...celebrating the greatness of our language and our cultures.
Check out the video from the Cervantes Institute with Antonio Banderas, who beautifully describes his favorite word, "Alegría."

If you're wondering about my favorite Spanish word... well, it's "Alma," which means soul. I don't love the word because of how one uses it to discuss love, faith or friendship. Nope. I love it because when I was younger my mom told me I had to change my skirt because she could see my soul! I think that was the funniest thing I ever heard her say - to use the word "alma" to say she could see right through my skirt, well, it was priceless. 

Here's my video blog in Español:

Lesson learned: you can wear your heart on your sleeve, but wear a slip to cover up your alma.

This is my first Spanish vlog, so a special thanks to Carla from All of Me Now (who had the idea to do this in the first place), Tracy of Latinaish (and her wonderful Spanish Fridays), Carrie of Tiki Tiki Blog and Ana of SpanglishBaby for inspiring me to get over my fear and speak Spanish! 

Now tell me my deep thinkers, what is your favorite word in Spanish? Or better yet, why don't you show me! Upload your video blog and link up below! 

Don't forget to check out all of the other videos with beautiful Spanish words shared by our blogging community! 


  1. Ha ha ha! Your mom sounds like my suegra, who is constantly reminding me not to cross my legs in church because I'm flashing the devil! :P

    I love the word you chose and the story behind it. :)

  2. Hi Li! Yay for doing a Spanish vlog. So proud of you!

    I don't speak Spanish nor do I understand it very well, so I don't have a favorite word. I'll have to think about this though.

    Your friend,

  3. Jajaja! Que buena sorpresa leer lo que significa Alma para ti! Cuida mucho esa Alma, amiga!! ;)

  4. Me encantó Li!! jajaja! Linda que te ves como siempre!!

  5. Jajajaaa..Me encanto! Lo que dicen los Padres quedan en los hijos, que importante es, no? Saludos!


  6. Nena!! Me encanta tu video! jajajaja - Love the story about how your mother used the word "alma" y me gusta como hablas :)

    Great job, Li!

  7. felicidades , hiciste un excelente trabajo :) super gracioso :)

  8. "Se te ve el alma!"
    I got that one, Li!!!

    Thank you for the good laugh, and for seeing you on video!

  9. Li, qué bonita voz tienes! Mi hermana menor se llama "Alma." Amo esa palabra. I'm so happy to meet you! Te comprendo. Yo tenía el mismo miedo de hablar español. Se qué tengo tanto qué aprender (esos verbos iregulares, los acentos y mi vocabularío!) Solo con la practica, verdad? Thank God for Tracy Lopez's Spanish Friday. That got me out of my cocoon. And thank you for your kind words on my vlog. *un beso*

  10. Me encanto! Loved the video and your meaning of 'alma'. Brought a lot of childhood memories.


  11. jajajaja, muy lindo Li! me hiciste reir, te ves muy bien!


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