Monday, April 18, 2011

The Adventures of Angry Pants McGee

I walked into Church today and pleaded with God to help free me of my anger. It seems that it's just one thing after the other and I can't get my head on straight to assess where I should to troubleshoot my own problems.

Earlier this week, I did an on camera interview with this novice director. I did it for free. I got a large coffee out of it. A coffee for two hours of prep time and four hours on the day of the shoot. I went home starving, but I felt good about my work. Later in the week I asked this guy for a copy of the interview. He said no and actually hung up the telephone on me. Anyway, I didn't sign any type of release... In the end I told him that the result of my work product was not to be used for his project. He actually responded, "you don't need to impress me with your legal words..." Ay Dios Mio, dame paciencia...Can you see where this is going?  I have been very upset by the whole thing and the fact that this dude is being an ass for no reason.

 As an attorney I want everything laid out in writing. But as an actress just trying to build her career dealing with people also trying to build their respective careers, there's isn't a lot of paperwork involved. And let’s face it, I've always been better at helping others than I am at helping myself. I've got to be a better lawyer when it comes to protecting ME. Needless to say, I want nothing to do with this guy ever again.

Fast forward to Sunday where we left the house as a family for an hour, to return to see the four foot concrete planter broken in front of our house. The people next door - whom I've never met and whose names I do not know were having a party. The eight year old who was running around outside unsupervised fessed up to having broken it with his ten year old cousin. I asked to speak to the mother, and both the aunt and mom came out (which I found out later are the guests of the tenants), apparently having been drinking and the attitudes that accompany drunkenness. Both their kids were involved and although they tried to cover it up, when their kids were honest about it they were yelled at - but it seemed they were being scolded for telling the truth. Those parents have no intention of paying for the damage.

I'd called the cops before I'd found out it was the little boy who'd done it. When the cops came I told them I wasn't going to fill out a report against two children and asked them for their advice on what I could do. The cops decided to talk to the parents. At that point those two defensive mothers acted like they'd never heard about what happened. So now it's a "mystery." The planter costs a few hundred dollars. I just want it replaced. Why can't they just own up to the problem and take care of this without having to go to Court? And how can I go to Court now when the property owner doesn't call me and I don't know the names of the liars next door?

And the cops are there telling me not to fuel the fire because they can tell those people are going to cause us more grief than anything. Great.

So I'm sitting here unable to think clearly and I'm brooding. Steam out of my ears, eyes red, angry pants McGee, who has been licensed to practice law since 2005... and still feels defenseless. A litigator who hates to be litigious: Ironic. I hope my anger dissipates so I can get my brains back soon...get the ass to give me my work product or at the very least prevent him from publishing my work product...and get the other asses to pay for the damage.

I hope today turns into a Lush Lunes. I really do. Keep me in your prayers so I can stop letting anger get the best of me.


  1. I just don't get people. Seriously what the heck is wrong with them. I hope these two situations work out for you.

  2. Hey girl, As for the shoot, it is a learning process. The next time you will know to be mindful of what is going on. That was a wake up call for you. Don't let the frustration stop your journey!

    As for the planter, Hmmmm...You may have to just let it go. People today are very, very vicious. Your life and your families' lives are much more important. Many people do not admit to doing wrong which is very sad. Things can be replaced....Lives can't!

    You will always be in my thoughts and prayers that your heavy loads will be lifted. Just remember...It only gets better and continue to pray! xoxo

  3. So sorry to hear about two confrontations like that. I've had a couple of incidents lately but had to let that tension go.

    Each day brings enough, without worrying about what already passed. Does that sound like a yoga thing yet? I want you to remember what's in front of you, instead of dwelling on coulda shoulda woulda.

  4. When I saw the topic of this blog, I was intrigued. 1) because you always have Lush Lunes. 2) Because I once had a dog who was named briefly, Fancy Pants McGee. I had to change the name to Spencer, because my Puerto Rican grandmother with her island accent kept calling him, Mr. Magoo. Anyway, I digress. I'm so sorry to hear about your week; it really does sound dreadful. It really does suck when you're just trying to be the best you, you can be and things or people in this case, just keep getting in your way. It happens to me all the time, hence why my Monday posts are called "Monday Grievances". I hope it all gets better for you. I guess at this point all you can do is breathe in and out and tell yourself, it's going to be alright. :)

  5. I don't know how helpful you'll find this, but when shit like that happens to me (and let's be real, it happens to everyone) I just think "how much is this going to matter in five years from now? How much is this going to matter in one year from now? How much will it matter in a week? How much does it really matter right now?" Strangely, the answer to all four of those questions is often the same. Then again, I'm usually the chick who gets over things way before anyone else is ready to... completely different set of issues, haha!

    I'm wafting peace-through-the-storm in your general direction.

  6. Oh, I´m so sorry I missed this post. Glad you could vent here and release the frustration.
    Hope the week went better and the broken planter just released a ton of amazing things to come your way


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