Sunday, March 13, 2011

#LushLunes - Be Incredible (Victoria's Secret Incredible Perfume Giveaway)

It's Monday again, which means its time for #LushLunes!!! It's the only thing I ever look forward to on Mondays. Well, my deep thinkers, to make this Lunes a Lush one, I've got something really fab for you, and a little different. 

You know I'm always talking about swagger, and hoping to inspire you to feel your best (especially on icky Mondays).

Well, the new campaign for the Incredible perfume by Victoria's Secret's really inspired me. The "Be confident. Be bold. Be amazing," message sounded perfect for a LushLunes mission. Dontcha think? 

1.7 Oz. $45 Retail Value


Which leads me to today's LushLunes Mission:

Last week we listed out successes. Today, I want you to find a moment in your life where your actions were Bold when no one else stepped to the plate; a time in your life you felt Confident despite anyone's disparaging words; or a time when you accepted just how Amazing you are, despite the obstacles. 

Reflect on how you got there and how you felt afterward. Remember this anytime you feel insecure about yourself. Remember that being bold, confident and amazing are part of who you are, every day. Then remember, you are INCREDIBLE!!!



As a reward for your efforts (and your weekly LushLunes Love), here is the giveaway part...

To Enter, do any one of the following, as many times as you like this week:
  • post about your #LushLunes mission & comment with the link;
  • tweet the following & share the link in a comment: 
I entered the #LushLunes - Be Incredible!  #VSIncredible Perfume Giveaway | Ends 3/20
Pick one, or all of these ways --- just make sure you're either following my blog publicly (to the right) or following @HerDeepThoughts on twitter so I can track you down (otherwise how will you get the perfume when you win)!   

Good Luck to my confident, bold and amazing Deep Thinkers!  
LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.


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Giveaway Ends Sunday March 20, 2011 at Midnight.
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If the winners fail to respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen.



I was not compensated for this post. I received the Incredible perfume when I went to a prior event (see post here), loved it, then begged for my deep thinkers to get their own bottle shipped to them. That's just how I roll. 


  1. I dont like to boast but at this time in my life I can definitely say I am incredible because I beat cancer and can say it has changed my life. I know I am not the only one who is a survivor and I commend each and every one of them, but my cancer was at stage four. I was walking around not even knowing I was infected. I am incredible because it has given me an awesome relationship with my mom and it has brought friends closer in my life that I now know who are my TRUE friends. Even though I am not back to work, I am truly happy! I am not working myself like a crazy women. This time has allowed me to appreciate life. I am incredible because I finally love and appreciate ME!

  2. Incredible and incredibly lucky I am! A few years ago, I saw a vision of a girl while at my school. It was tough to work up the courage to talk to her but I overcame my fear of rejection and asked her out. Nearly 7 years later, I'm incredibly happy to say this vision became my friend, my partner and my soul mate. I don't know if this satisfies your criteria but it doesn't matter cause I already won. :)
    PS the cologne would make a nice gift for her.

  3. i celebrate me by letting go of my need to always be in control, letting some things slide can be freeing
    tattgiff at

  4. Wow, what a great idea...and what great responses.
    You know, I don't talk myself down to myself or to anyone. I made a conscious choice to know my deficits and just work to change them -- not spend time bashing myself. Too many women do it and it is unproductive and a huge turn-off.
    Looking forward to reading the others.

  5. That is awesome!I can't wait for this reunion to have a paper attached to it. lol

  6. i high school i was told, by the school counselor, that the chances of me getting into a good college were slim.

    colleges i later attended:
    school of visual arts
    columbia university.

  7. I treat myself--I have days where I take myself shopping and out to lunch, and just enjoy being ME.

  8. Despite recent setbacks (losing my job and car) I have recently realize that I am amazing, because I am making things work for my son and I. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, but I have come to truly appreciate myself!

  9. It's great to do great things but it is greater to live everyday to the fullest and the best you can. It is not only for yourself but for every person you meet.

  10. Great topic and giveaway! The way I treat myself is when I work out. I don't do I often as I should but when I do I feel like I'm treating my body right. Gotta love yourself and who you are so that's my way.

  11. Everyday I wake up is a blessing. Just being able to breathe the fresh air is an incredible feeling on its own. Without enjoying that small aspect in life, you can't really consider yourself to be incredile. I could go on and on about how I was made for greatness, but it all starts with opening your eyes in the morning.

  12. Wearing my scar with GREAT PROUD makes me INCREDIBLE....

  13. I don't feel guilty about finding time for myself outside work and motherhood. I'll go get a massage of have my nails done, shopping or whatever. I need the me time and that's how I celebrate hard work!

  14. Having trustworthy and loving people in my life that I can depend on makes me incredible. These people are not just my incredible friends but my incredible extended family!

  15. The time I felt most amazing was when I left my job as an attorney to go back to grad school and study about the social and economic development of regions. I wanted to learn more about how to alleviate poverty and empower people. Not only was I able to get the school to fully fund me, but I graduated with a perfect 4.0!

    As for how I celebrate myself, I make sure to make time to recharge my batteries. Despite how busy I am, I take time to work out, get massages, spend time with friends and family, read for pleasure.

  16. I try to celebrate me as much as I can! Not taking life for granted. Stopping and breathing fresh air. I also take time and get a bath, read for fun, and have fun girl time with my friends!

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  17. I have to say that what makes ME incredible is my beautiful, fantastic, and amazing family and friends.

  18. I just saw your DM about this... sorry I missed the giveaway! I didn't have Internet while I was out of town.

  19. You guys sumbitted so many amazing comments that I wrote a post in honor of you! Thank you all for expressing yourselves. YOU are truly INCREDIBLE!


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