Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dressing the Part and Feeling Good

Recently in my post Where's Your Swagger I basically talked about getting your mojo back. And for me, that's something I've been working on during the never ending better-me process.

Although it's less about clothes and more about my mind set, toward the end of 2010 I started to dress really crappy because I was feeling out of shape and basically uncomfortable with myself. 
In an attempt to get over my crappy self, for New Years I bought a new blouse. Also because part of the New Years superstition in my familia (one of many superstitions) is that you must wear new clothes on that day – otherwise the rest of the year will be cursed with old clothes. I know, it’s crazy, but I went with it. 

Anyway, I took advantage of a 50% off sale at Ann Taylor Loft and bought a blouse, then threw together what I thought was a club-appropriate outfit to ring in the New Year (yes... I was at a NYC club at midnight. Craziness). I wore this blinged out watch Che gave me for my birthday, a pair of earrings my sister gave me for Christmas, a diamond ring from my mother, the sexy mauve colored blouse I bought (to get myself out of my all-black routine), a pair of skinny jeans that I already owned, and a new pair of boots. I did my eyes all smokey and left my hair curly.

For the first time in a long time I felt pretty and sexy. I felt good about myself and walked with that swagger I sorely missed. I had a good time because I felt good inside. Lesson: Dress the part, become the part. However, this was all in my head, because when I saw the pictures from that night, I realized that my purchase was a total work blouse. Another lesson learned - take a picture because the mirror lies! And apparently so do my eyes. 

Nevertheless, what is important is that I got out of my comfort zone a bit (dressing up, clubbing on New Years, yada yada yada… ), so I'm not going to be too hard on myself. Why? 

Last year, I would just roll out of bed, do the absolute minimum to look alive and spend hours at work exhausting myself. Then I'd try to fit in 100 things before a 2:00am bed time. NO GOOD.

Now that I'm trying to get back into a healthier life routine, (and practicing what I preach), I'm making an effort to feel pretty from the inside out (which includes a positive mind set and self image). And sometimes,
the little tweaks that improve a routine – or shake it up entirely – make a difference. 


  1. I'm glad you had fun! That's all that counts!
    It's funny you say "work blouse" b/c that's what my sister says I wear to go out. She'll ask me to change. I'm like works with jeans & it works for work. Whatever! If I like it a wear it! :)

  2. I love the carrie caption! When that tee shirt first came out I wanted it so bad. Never got it though, but anyway!(that's another story) lol.. I was feeling the same way you were and felt like I was just fat and I would just throw on anything, prefably sweats. So I truly understand. We are going to make this "our" year! We are dressing up and going out when I get back. (smile) By the way, where is a picture of the blouse?

  3. It feels so good to dress up and look pretty! I can so relate to this. For the last couple years I haven't felt like "myself" and am really eager to get back to fabulous chica I used to be.

    New follower here!

  4. @NYCPatty friggin work blouses! I can't escape them!

    @sunshine there will be no photo of the work blouse! LOl

    @yakini hey! so glad you stopped by! It erally does feel good.

    Thanks to all of you for commenting!! I can feel the Love.


  5. I love this New Year's post!
    I think I'm going to adopt that superstition from your familia. I'm always looking for excuses to buy new outfits, and I think that superstition makes perfect sense. Que no?

    Anyways, I hope this year is filled with positive moments for you. Love your blog bonita!
    Cheers from NM,

  6. Never heard this superstition, but I like it! :)

  7. @Laura thanks! glad to enable you!! LOL
    @Tracy ;)


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