Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogalicious10, aka An Ode to Homealicious

Todays post is a little random, and excessive since I don't normally post this often in one week.

In case you didn't know, there's this kick-ass blog conference in Miami right now: Blogalicious. Many amazing bloggers are there right now! I was dying to go. I got offered free tickets several times but I just couldn't afford the flight and hotel. I'm not the only one.

Not everyone could make it to sunny Miami this weekend for the Blogalicious weekend. I am in the "not everyone" circle (it's ok. there's always next year! Si se puede!!! LOL).

I randomly started tweeting about #homealicious, as a joke, for those of us that couldn't go:

My crazy mind asked that we write up a loser anthem. This wonderful blogger  @Latinaish rose to the challenge and I wanted to share it with you because I was not only impressed but I was rolling on the floor laughing.

Check her out at

Hopefully that little anthem made you smile. If you too were unable to go to Blogalicious this year, but are there in spirit, just tell yourself you're at the alternative conference: Homealicious.

I hope all the bloggers at Blogalicious have an amazing weekend, and leave there making awesome connections. Many of you that I met at BlogHer10 are there right now, and I miss you already! Abrazos y Besitos!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Like I told you, I really truly hope our loser anthem to the tune of Ferga-freakin-licious, is not my legacy. LOL.

    Thanks for cheering me up and distracting me with your invention of Homealicious10. It was much more fun than my pityparty10.

    And it must be said, all joking aside, I'm so proud and happy for all our Latina blogger friends at Blogalicious 10.

    ...but me you, we gotta hold down the fort. Viva Homealicious10! LOL.

  2. @Rachel yea ya do!!!! LMNO!!

    @Tracy lol!!! pityparty10!! ROFL!!! Love it. I'm glad I cheered you up. I def. don't think this will be your legacy - I've seen your writing and I love it. And feel free to take any of my quotes on how much I love your work (or your lyrics) out of context. LOL.

    And YES! the Latina bloggers at Blogalicious are truly doing their thing! They really are inspiring.

    In the meantime, we absolutely gotta hold down this fort. LMAO We just gotta do our part and keep them posted on what's going on at HOME.

    Homealicious def...
    Homealicious def...
    Homealicious def...
    def def def def...

  3. I am just finding out about all these blog conferences! I guess I was so overwhelmed by all the amazing people who were going to be at homealicious AKA didntknowaboutlicious or justfoundoutaboutitlicious.
    Ah well!

  4. @laura you are hysterical! welcome to homealicious. LOL


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